Data Science

Data Mining and Machine Learning

BIMBASREE SOLUTIONS offers training on data mining tools and techniques that enable extraction of knowledge from large datasets. We focus on both statistics and machine learning techniques and explain their complementarity. Furthermore, we present the data mining process, based on popular models such as CRISP-DM, KDD, and SEMMA, while illustrating the practical details of each of the lifecycle phases of these models.

As part of data mining knowledge, we also present the main data mining models and techniques, covering the basics of supervised, unsupervised and reinforcement learning. We delve into the details of classification, regression, decision trees, neural networks, Bayesian classifiers k-means and other popular machine learning techniques.

 Programming (R, Python, Java)

Data scientists tend to have their own programming platform and practices. BIMBASREE SOLUTIONS training services ensure that participants learn the most popular Data Mining and BigData programming languages, including R, Python and Java. Following a tutorial introduction about each of these programming platforms, emphasis is paid on concrete examples of handling large datasets as part of complex business operations.