BIMBASREE SOLUTIONS provides excellent product development services to large enterprises and SMBs that build innovative products based on BigData, BI, AI and IoT technologies. Our experts work closely with innovative high tech enterprises, helping them to transform their novel ideas in robust, reliable, enterprise scale BigData products. We support companies in fostering their innovative ideas and moving them from the concept inception and prototype development to enterprise deployment. Companies with innovative ideas, yet limited BigData expertise, are now able to partner with BIMBASREE SOLUTIONS in order to transform novel concepts to marketable products.

Our product development services become aligned to the innovation management processes of our customers. In addition to engaging our own experts, we also help you build competent teams, which will ensure the sustainable development and evolution of your product.

BIMBASREE SOLUTIONS has a track record of building cutting edge BigData products in the healthcare sectors, which is gradually expanded towards other vertical applications.