BIMBASREE SOLUTIONS founded by an experienced IT consultant, who was inspired by the need to alleviate the proclaimed talent gap in BigData and related technologies. The company has been staffed with experts, who have deep knowledge and proven experience on all life cycle aspects of data-driven project: From business understanding to field deployment and operationalization. Based on this experience, BIMBASREE SOLUTIONS  provides cutting-edge, high quality training and consulting services for the next generation of data-intensive products and services.

Our offerings are associated with the following unique selling propositions:

  • We have strong experience in working with the leading enterprises in different sectors (i.e. finance, manufacturing, energy, retail, oil & gas, mining, ICT).
  • Our trainers have the rate virtue of combining industry domain expertise, academic experience and deep knowledge of leading edge technologies with market relevance.
  • Our courses leverage ready-to-use frameworks and solution accelerators to speed up the delivery process.
  • We have proven expertise in forecasting and optimization services as well as emerging analytics areas such as predictive, descriptive and prescriptive analysis.
  • Our personnel is continuously updated and trained on the latest technologies and the best practices in the space, through participation in both innovative enterprise projects and leading edge R&D projects.