We deliver world-class face-to-face training based on instructors of the highest caliber. Our classroom based courses are designed to provide participants with the key skills needed to successfully design, develop, deploy and operate enterprise scale solutions based on BigData, IoT and AI technologies. The courses comprise both theoretical and practical (hands-on) training modules, while complying with international standards and learning practices.

Content-wise our face-to-face training courses cover the full span of Data science and Data programming courses at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. In particular, we provide introductory and advanced modules of BigData and IoT infrastructures, as well as machine learning and deep learning techniques for data analytics.

Our standards, pre-defined curricula are designed in-line with the needs of the market and take into account best-practices regarding the most commonly used knowledge and skills. Their development has been driven by a unique collaboration between our experts, external academic advisers and human resources experts, in an effort to produce effective courses that fulfill requirements introduced by an evolving market.


BIMBASREE SOLUTIONS delivers on-line training services, which facilitate course participants to attend state-of-the-art Data science and IoT course from remote, without a need to meet our instructors face-to-face. Our on-line training services are delivered in the form of webinars based on popular web conferencing tools such as Cisco WebEx and Citrix Go To Meeting. Course delivery exploits the rich set of features and functionalities of these tools, which facilitate interactions between participants and the instructors, while at the same time enabling recording of the webinar for replay and revision.


Our training portfolio includes computer-based and computer-assisted training, which enables trainees to attend courses regardless of time and their location. We take advantage of popular e-learning platforms in order to provide ubiquitous access to training materials, tracking of progress, as well as student evaluation processes. BIMBASREE SOLUTIONS creates and uses multimedia training materials, which are developed and integrated to the platforms based on standards-based formats. We also offer webinars, which facilitate models of instructor-led remote training.

Our computer based training curricula are based on the face-to-face courses, yet they are customized and optimized for delivery in IT-based ways. Likewise, their evaluation and practical training parts, take advantage of computerized functionalities, which provided versatility and ease of use when compared to their legacy face to face counterparts.


BIMBASREE SOLUTIONS possesses unique know how on blending learning processes, which combine multiple training modalities, including conventional classroom training, computer-based training and webinar. Blended learning curricula are developed on-demand, as part of tailor made courses. Their development takes into account the learning objectives articulated by the customer, along with the key skills that must be acquired by the participants. Evaluation processes are customized accordingly.


Tailored courses are created for customers that do not want to dispose with our standard, best practice curricula, but rather have their own peculiar needs. Our experts work together with you human resources department in order to structure the needed courses and plan the details of the delivery. As part of the customization, we agree on a face-to-face, computer based, or even blended training model.

Customized courses are delivered following a period of few weeks, which is typically required for the customization, including curriculum development, adaptation of existing training materials and creation of new ones, as well as development of proper evaluation processes.


We offer a rich set of certified training courses, covering both vendors and training organizations certificates. Participants attending our courses get excellent preparation for the certification exams. For selected certifications we also offer access to certification kits.